Media Copyright Group Services

What we do

Overview Media Copyright Group provides content owners with a turnkey solution for combatting online piracy of their copyrighted media. The components of our solution are: 1) Tracking infringement; 2) Identifying infringers; and 3) Pursuing damages against infringers. The cost of our services is paid out of the damages that are collected on your behalf. In other words, you do not pay us any money up front, and we are paid only out of the damages that are collected for you.

Tracking. Media Copyright Group employs a proprietary process for tracking online piracy of copyrightrighted media. Our process involves identifying popular piracy mechanisms and then monitoring the use of those mechanisms by individual pirates. The results of this tracking activity are then stored in a database.

Identification After we have tracked a sufficient number of infringers, the legal system is used to discover the identities of the alleged pirates.

Damages. After the pirates have been identified, damages are pursued against the pirates. The amount of the damages will range greatly. Some individuals may elect to settle early on in the process, in which case the damages collected will be relatively low. Other individuals may elect to litigate the matter, in which case the amount of potential damages will be much higher, but also more risky.

Cost. All aspects of our anti-piracy solution are paid out of the damages that are collected for you. At no point in our process will you be asked to write a check to us. Ideally, the damages that are collected for you will compensate you for the losses you suffer on a daily basis from individuals who elect to pirate, instead of purchase, your content.