About the Media Copyright Group

Mission and values

Media Copyright Group's mission is to provide content owners with a cost-effective solution for reducing P2P-based content piracy. Modern communications technology has been a double-edged sword for content producers. On the one hand, advances in communications technology have opened up new distribution channels and allowed content producers to reach audiences across the globe. On the other hand, the same technology has allowed individuals to engage in widespread content piracy from the comfort of their homes. Estimates of the economic damage to content producers from increasingly prevalent P2P-based piracy reach into the multi-billions. Until now, media content owners have not had an effective means of purusing those who brazenly steal their content.

The RIAA, MPAA and other industry organizations have been criticized for their agressive litigation tactics against parties who illegally download copyrighted media. What many critics seemingly fail to adequately appreciate is the capital investment, time, effort and risk that goes into media production. It should be a truism to say that without paying customers the media production industry will collapse, but it seems as if this obvious fact has been overlooked in the ongoing debate about P2P piracy. Moreover, most tend to gloss over the moral culpability of those who make the decision to steal content instead of purchasing or refraining from consuming it. Our values are aligned with content producers. We believe a content producer has an obligation to pursue those who have decided to illegally infringe on their copyrights and that such pursuit efforts are the only way for content producers to protect their livelihood and that of their industry.